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Why you should choose an inflexible and expensive tool, when it possible to have a low price with flexibility ?

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Create the tool that fits your business. Choose the modules you want from our catalog. Centralize your documents, manage your expense reports, control the time and use of your resources, manage your projects, optimize your purchases, sales and your suppliers.

Pay only for what you use, buy only what is necessary.


Model and implement your processes. You are unique and so are your processes. Via our tool create and connect processes to your business, assign it to your employees and follow them via a set of indicators. Create and feed your data capital.

Bend your tool at your will.


Choose to visualize what interests you. Create your indicators and dashboards around your business, continuously monitor the execution of your processes and keep only the relevant data. Generate and share reports and analyzes with your employees in just a few clicks.

Take the cards in hand, create your company's tool.


Centralize your data, manage and share your documents. Manage your availability and your employees' holidays. Concentrate data returns to gain efficiency, use your data and use performance indicators and metrics to drive your business.

Control your costs and reach your growth objectives.

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Your current tools do not allow you a certain freedom of execution ?

Can't find the right tool for you, opt for the tailor-made ?

Our customer relationship

Be High offers you a vision that materializes in a tool: E-Centric . It puts your business at the heart of your concerns. The satisfaction of our customers is our main objective.
So that you can improve your processes, develop and secure your activity, we offer our customer service: a real vitamin cocktail.

Customer Care

Customer Care, or a Company Centered around the business of its Customers.
You are our most precious Collaborator! It is with you and for you that we develop the tool that suits you and belongs to you.

Our Vitamin C

Data Developper

The Data Developer, or the Data Development method.
Our mission is to make your Data capital the necessary and main resource for your growth and your Strategic Development.

Our Vitamin D

Advanced Analysis

The Advanced Analysis, or Advanced Data Analysis.
And if you were free to build your Analyzes, to achieve the objectives that you set yourself, by learning from the past in order to predict and act on the future?

Our Vitamin A

The Team

Anthony TINSON

Chief Executive Officer

Antoine DUGUE

Chief Operating Officer - Associate


Chief Technical Officer - Associate

What we believe in !

  • Your identity is unique because it is shaped by your employees, your profession, your processes and your values. Accentuate what makes you different, original. Bet on what makes you unique .
  • Your data allows your growth, this confidential information is your know-how and a strong component of your added value.
  • You are the one who knows your job best! Lead the management of your business with complete autonomy , take the most appropriate decisions. Our goal: the mushin no shin to act "instinctively". We bring you this simplicity.

Choose the offer adapted to your needs

Simplicity, modularity as well as flexibility, our Data Intelligence & Enterprise Management tool helps you in mastering your business. And because your business is unique, you have a choice.

Be free to reach heights.


Offer Type
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Formation

Server Rent
  • Billing
  • Comptability
  • Customer Management
  • Analysis
  • MarketPlace




1 year

1 User / module
  • Lite version
  • Lite version
  • Lite version
  • Lite version

Startups and VSE in search of surpassing and structuring, without worrying about data constraints.



2 years


SME in search of surpassing oneself, not wanting to worry about data constraints.


On premise

2 years

Your place
  • On command

SMEs seek to surpass themselves, having at heart data problems.

*Conditions : When you subscribe to Fuji contract, you should be a recent company less than 3 years OR a company with a low benefits, less than 200 000€ OR a company with less than 10 collaborators.

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